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Latino Daily News

Friday December 3, 2010

Utah Bill Looking to Create Work Permits for Undocumented

With help from the conservative Sutherland Institute, Utah State Senator Luz Robles has begin work on a new bill that would offer the state’s undocumented immigration population the chance to legally work.

Robles definitively states that the bill will in no way grant amnesty or a path to citizenship, but rather, it is a work program in which undocumented immigrants would be given permit cards to work legally providing their criminal background passes inspection, they pay taxes, and enroll in English and civics classes.

The Sutherland Institute’s president, Paul Mero, says this bill will hold undocumented immigrants accountable with a conservative approach.

“Immigration is a federal issue and we all recognize that, but the federal government has failed to take care of this issue and it has been an issue for at least decades,” said Robles. “The state have been working on reactionary and proactive solution and we believe this is a Utah solution.”