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Friday March 16, 2012

USM Band Chants “Where’s Your Green Card?” at KSU’s Angel Rodriguez (VIDEO)

USM Band Chants “Where’s Your Green Card?” at KSU’s Angel Rodriguez (VIDEO)

Photo: USM Band Chants "Where's Your Green Card?" at KSU's Angel Rodriguez

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During Kansas State’s NCAA game against the University of Southern Mississippi Thursday, members of the USM pep band began making racially-charged chants at KSU guard Angel Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, who hails from Puerto Rico, was fouled and awarded free throws. When he stepped up to the line however, what is said to be a member of the USM band, began chanting “Where’s your green card?” Other people join in on the chant, but just as quickly as it began, it ends. The band director is said to have stopped the chant the moment he realized what they were saying. He has since apologized for the band members’ actions and also apologized to a nearby reporter who had recorded it.

Still, the news of the chants and video of the incident, which was being broadcast as part of the NCAA tournament, went viral.

Soon after the game, USM President Martha Saunders issued a statement saying, “We deeply regret the remarks made by a few students at today’s game. The words of these individuals do not represent the sentiments of our pep band, athletic department or university. We apologize to Mr. Rodriguez and will take quick and appropriate disciplinary action against the students involved in this isolated incident.”

Watch and listen for the chants in the video below.

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