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Thursday May 26, 2011

US. Government Warns Honduras of Possible Al-Qaeda Infiltration

US. Government Warns Honduras of Possible Al-Qaeda Infiltration

Photo: Al Qaeda in Honduras

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Honduran authorities are on “red alert” after U.S. government officials warned them that two top Islamist terrorists could be either in Honduras or heading there.

Two Afghani militants, Khalil Al-Rahman Haqqani, born in 1966, and Said Jan Abd Al-Salam, born in 1981, have been supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and allegedly, have been moving around through Central America using fake passports and posing as businessmen.

This is not the first time that Honduras has strengthened its national security because of a suspected Al-Qaeda infiltration.

In 2004, Honduras declared a nation wide terror alert after receiving information that Al-Qaeda was trying to recruit Muslim Hondurans to carry out attacks against different embassies.

The presence of the two Al-Qaeda men in Honduras, could respond to the fact that Islamist factions might be interested in using Honduras as a transit platform to enter into the U.S., by taking advantage of Honduras’ precarious political situation, which makes it vulnerable to illegal activities.

Below is information from the U.S. Treasury Department on the two Afghani terrorists believed to be travelling in Central America:

Individual: Said Jan ‘Abd Al-Salam
AKA: Sa’id Jan ‘Abd-al-Salam
AKA: Qazi ‘Abdallah
AKA: Qazi Abdullah
AKA: Ibrahim Walid
AKA: Dilawar Khan Zain Khan
AKA: Qasi Sa’id Jan
AKA: Said Jhan
AKA: Farhan Khan
AKA: Aziz Cairo
AKA: Nangiali
DOB: February 5, 1981
Alt. DOB: January 1, 1972
Nationality: Afghan
Passport: Afghanistan, #OR801168; Issued February 28, 2006;
Expires February 27, 2011 (under name Said Jan ‘Abd al-Salam)
Alt Passport: Pakistan, #4117921; Issued September 9, 2008;
Expires September 9, 2013 (under name Dilawar Khan Zain Khan)
ID: Kuwait Civil Identification #281020505755 (under name Said Jan ‘Abd al-¬Salam)

Individual: Khalil Al-Rahman Haqqani
AKA: Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani
AKA: Khaleel Haqqani
AKA: Khalil Ahmad Haqqani
DOB: January 1, 1966
Alt. DOB: 1958 – 1964
Nationality: Afghan
Address: Peshawar, Pakistan
Alt. Address: Near Dirgha Mundei Madrassa in Dirgha Mundei Village,
near Miram Shah, North Waziristan Agency (NWA), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Pakistan
Alt. Address: Kayla Village, near Miram Shah, NWA, FATA, Pakistan
Alt. Address: Sarana Zadran Village, Paktia Province, Afghanistan