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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 27, 2011

US Missionary Falls Victim of Drug Cartel Violence

US Missionary Falls Victim of Drug Cartel Violence

Photo: Nancy Davis, US Missionary to Mexico

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Nancy Davis, 59,  U.S. missionary working in Mexico died in a Texas Hospital Wednesday after being shot in the head by gunmen in Mexico.

Davis’ husband brought his mortally wounded wife to the border and told authorities in the United States that gunmen in a pickup shot her in the head, police in Texas say. Davis was then rushed via ambulance to the hospital but did not survive.

The couple was returning from a mission near San Fernando, about 70 miles south of Reynosa, when they encountered a drug cartel checkpoint police said.

The husband relayed to Texas authorities and U.S. Customs agents a horrific story of the couple being fired upon in Mexico and then flooring their truck at top speed to the border.

Gunmen in a pickup tried to stop the missionaries as they were heading back to the states.  When the Davises refused to stop and sped up, the gunmen fired, wounding Nancy Davis in the head, the statement said.

The area is controlled by the Zeta drug cartel and considered one of the most dangerous in Mexico.

“They’ve been working in Mexico for over 30 years,” Merton Rundell III, the director of finance at Union Bible College in Indiana, told The Associated Press on Thursday. “It was mainly establishing churches — that was their main thrust.”

“They loved the work they were doing in spite of the danger,” Rundell said.