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Latino Daily News

Friday January 28, 2011

US Hispanics like their Smartphone’s, Broadband and Google (VIDEO)

US Hispanics like their Smartphone’s, Broadband and Google (VIDEO)

Photo: Hispanic Google

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Google has released a series of 4 short videos titled “Google Hispanic Marketing Forum”.
Some interesting facts are :
-86% of Hispanics online have broadband
-78% of Hispanics us the Internet as a primary source of information
-64% of Hispanics visit video sharing websites ( 94% of those watching video visit YouTube)
-93% of US Hispanics use a mobile phone regularly (Hispanics are 32% more likely to have a Smartphone than the general population)
-93% of US Hispanics use Google as their primary search engine.

-100% of Informed US Hispanics get their News from Hispanically Speaking News- (OK, Just Kidding- but we are a recognized Google News Source!)

The series includes segments on General Mills’ Que Rica Vida and Kraft’s Comida y Familia initiatives.

“We’ve discovered that the digital world is the one that influences Latinos most at the time they make buying decisions and it’s something that advertisers should take more into account,” Mark Lopez, head of Google’s new U.S. Hispanic unit, told Efe on Thursday.

“It’s true that we Latinos have a broader family nucleus and group of friends and perhaps that’s why we make more use of the social alternatives offered by the Web,” Lopez said.