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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 18, 2010

UPDATE: A Peruvian Court today Denied Lori Berenson Parole

UPDATE After serving 14 and ½ years of a 20-year sentence, and being granted release in May, Ms Benson (40) was ordered back to serve out her term.

Ms. Berenson has already returned to the prison with her 15-month-old son.

United States Citizen Lori Berenson was released from Peruvian prison last May after serving 15 of her 20-year sentence. The 40 year old New Yorker was charged with collaborating with the terrorist group, Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement ( MRTA)

The Peruvian Special Prosecutor last week questioned Ms Berenson’s repentance and wants her to comply with the balance of her original sentence. Ms Benson was allowed to make her case to the court. Her statement included: “If my participation contributed to violence in Peru, I deeply regret it and I repent. If I have done harm to the country I regret it, I apologize. To those people who felt they were affected by my words or actions, I beg pardon”, said Berenson addressing the criminal judge.
“I was sentenced for the crime of collaboration with terrorism, I collaborated with MRTA, but I never was a leader or a militant; I never participated in acts of violence, much less blood and have never killed in my life”, added Berenson.

Furthermore “I’m only interested in raising my 15 month child”.

The court will rule within 15 days on whether Benson will remain on parole or need to report back to prison to complete her sentence.