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Latino Daily News

Monday January 2, 2012

US and Mexico Deport 44,000 Hondurans in 2011

US and Mexico Deport 44,000 Hondurans in 2011

Photo: Honduran Deportations

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United States and Mexican authorities deported in 2011 some 44,000 Hondurans who had left their country to find work so they could help their families, officials said Saturday.

The director of the Returning Migrant Aid Center of Honduras, Valdette Willeman, told reporters that 22,832 were deported from the United States by air, while the rest were sent back from Mexico by land.

Of those deported from the U.S., 98 percent were men, Willeman said, adding that the total figure from that country was some 422 more than in 2010, when 22,410 were sent back.

The last Hondurans deported from the United States this year were the 63 who arrived Friday in a plane chartered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which generally has three flights a week, according to Willeman.

In 2010 the number deported from the United States and Mexico was around 46,000.

Human rights organizations estimate that some 100 Hondurans leave their country every day for the United States, though many never make it all the way through Mexico.

According to the Honduran foreign minister, slightly more than 1 million citizens from his country live in the United States, including legal residents and the undocumented, who together send remittances every year to their families of more than $2.3 billion.

A smaller number live in Mexico, Central America, Spain and Italy, among other countries.


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