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Wednesday December 21, 2011

Uruguay Set to Invest in Its Dairy Farmers to Make Them More Green

Uruguay Set to Invest in Its Dairy Farmers to Make Them More Green

Photo: Uruguay Dairy Farmers Going Green

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The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), in partnership with the Cooperativa Nacional de Productores de Leche (CONAPROLE), is launching a $6 million project to help expand access to clean and efficient energy for small and medium-sized dairy farmers in Uruguay.

Working alongside dairy producers, government agencies and the industry, the project will support measures to improve energy efficiency in farms by combining technical assistance with financing to access energy saving technologies.

The project will help increase the competitiveness of an industry whose energy consumption accounts for 18 percent of the total energy consumed by the Uruguayan agricultural sector.

The project will develop at least four types of energy efficiency solutions to be offered to farmers as well as financing alternatives for participants to implement such solutions. The project is expected to benefit as many as 500 milk producers from Uruguay’s dairy belt by allowing them to increase efficiency in milk collection and adopt at least one energy efficiency measure and/or incorporate renewable energy into their production systems.