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Latino Daily News

Monday April 30, 2012

UPDATE: Yvonne Baldelli’s Ex-Marine/Ex-BF Named Person of Interest in Her Disappearance in Panama

UPDATE: Yvonne Baldelli’s Ex-Marine/Ex-BF Named Person of Interest in Her Disappearance in Panama

Photo: Baldelli, 41, Missing After Trying to Start New Life in Panama

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Sunday, Panamanian police said they are looking to missing American, Yvonne Baldelli’s former boyfriend, ex-Marine Brian Brimager as a person in their case to find her.

However, neither the U.S. nor Panama officials have officially named Brimager as a suspect. Still, Panama national police official Alexis Muñoz said Brimager had raised investigators’ interest

The FBI has now joined the search for an American woman who went missing 5 months ago shortly after moving to Panama with her boyfriend.

After being laid off from her job at Proctor and Gamble, 41-year-old Yvonne Baldelli moved to Panama’s Bocas del Toro islands with her boyfriend for a fresh start.

Baldelli moved down to Panama in September 2011 and by her family’s accounts, she and her former U.S. Marine boyfriend, Brian Brimager, were happy. However, in December, Brimager returned to California saying Baldelli had broken up with him. According to his Facebook profile, Brimager left Bocas del Toro on December 10, with stops in Costa Rica (two day stop) and Atlanta (layover) en route to California. Within weeks of returning to the U.S. he was both engaged and married to another woman.

When Baldelli’s family had not heard from her in some time, particularly regarding a reunion planned for January, members of the family traveled to Panama.

Neither the U.S. embassy nor local authorities have any record of the missing woman leaving the country, though Brimager claims Baldelli left Panama with another man and they heading to Costa Rica.

Police believe Brimager and Baldelli had a violent relationship and say they have not ruled out a crime of passion.

Baldelli’s King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, GeorgiaMae, is also missing.

A Facebook page called “Find Yvonne Baldelli” has been created by her family. Photos of her and her dog have been posted, along with photos of a Tiffany & Co. necklace she always wore. The page also includes ways to contact authorities with any information that may help in finding her.