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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 1, 2011

Obama Streaker, Juan Rodriguez, Gets 2 Yrs Probation and No Million Dollars as Promised for Stunt

Obama Streaker, Juan Rodriguez, Gets 2 Yrs Probation and No Million Dollars as Promised for Stunt

Photo: Streaker Juan Rodriguez

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A man arrested for streaking at a Philadelphia rally while President Obama was speaking last fall, has been given two years probation.

Attempting to win $1 million, Juan Rodriguez, 24, of Staten Island, ran naked through a Germantown rally in October, thinking that with Philly’s “naked history,” police would be more lenient.

“Philadelphia has a history of streaking,” said Rodriguez just after his probation sentence was announced, and he is correct. Philly has its Naked Bike Ride and University of Pennsylvania students annually run naked through the lawns of the school’s Quad dormitories. “I didn’t pick Philadelphia out of the hat,” he said. Rodriguez said he thought Philly “would be more lenient toward me and see it for what it was” [fun]. [And] you could see I had no weapons on me.”

Though Rodriguez, and probably the 18,000 people at the rally that may have seen him, saw the strip down as just a goofy bet, he was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and open lewdness.

Assistant District Attorney Brandyn Hicks was asking the judge to give Rodriguez three to 23 months in jail for causing a “hazard” by streaking through tight security. Instead, the judge came back two year reporting probation, to be served in New York.

So what ever happened to the one million big ones? Well, the billionaire who created the site on which the dare was posted, 42-year-old Alki David, said Rodriguez did not complete the dare. The bet was to have the site, Battlecam.com, written on his bare belly as he ran within ear shot of the president yelling the site’s name six times loudly, but David said Rodriguez did not complete this feat.

“He wasn’t anywhere close to the president,” said David, who says video footage shows the naked runner was a good 50 to 60 feet away.

David did however, say he decided to give the father of three $100,000 along with an extra $10,000 to cover roughly six months of rent. He also said the videographer would be given $10,000 as well.

But though Rodriguez would not disclose exactly how much money he received, he did share that it was not the amount David is telling people.