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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 11, 2012

UPDATE: Billboard of Millionaire Looking for Latina Love Taken Down

UPDATE: Billboard of Millionaire Looking for Latina Love Taken Down

Photo: Billboard of Millionaire Looking for Latina Love Taken Down

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Millionaire Marc Paskin had a setback in his search for a Hispanic girlfriend this weekend when unknown persons destroyed the billboard he had rented in San Diego’s Barrio Logan, a largely Latino neighborhood.

The advertisement, put up Friday by the California real estate mogul, was vandalized the same day and completely destroyed over the weekend.

The damage was apparently due to the ill feeling caused within the Latino community by the conspicuous ad placed by the businessman, who appeared on the ABC television program “Secret Millionaire.”

Paskin, 63, paid close to $4,000 for the billboard, which read “All I want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend” and included an e-mail address so that anyone interested could get in touch with him.

On Friday some unknown persons ripped off the part of the ad showing the e-mail address, and over the weekend the ad was completely destroyed, leaving only the blank billboard.

The millionaire had previously made news for having handed out $125,000 in $10 bills in a Detroit neighborhood and for having paid a year’s rent for a woman who lost her family in a violent crime.

Paskin has not announced whether he will replace the billboard, but in a statement to the media said that before the damage was done he received thousands of e-mails in response.



A local millionaire has taken his quest for a girlfriend to the streets of San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood.

Marc Paskin decided to purchase a billboard to help him find his special lady on the I-5 & 28th Street. What do you think about his plan to land a mate?

Paskin may seem familiar, and it’s likely because he appeared on the show “Secret Millionaire” in March of 2011.

Though he may be looking for some Latin lovin’ in a strange way, it should be noted that Paskin was happily married to his wife Marsha for 28 years until her death from diabetes-related issues.

ImageAt the end of his “Secret Millionaire” episode, Paskin gave $40,000 to John Cook, the founder of Really Living Foundation, which provides free transportation and financial assistance to those who are uninsured or underinsured. During Paskin’s “undercover” time as a driver, he met 24-year-old mother Courtney, a mother struggling with her young daughter’s illness as well as the failure of her own transplanted kidney. In the end, he gave the mother and her daughter $20,000.

Come on, ladies! This guy seems like a real sweetheart.

If you’re interested in being his Christmas Latina email his as ChristmasLatina@aol.com