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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 5, 2011

UPDATE:  7 American Tourists Remain Missing from Capsized Boat in Mexico

UPDATE:  7 American Tourists Remain Missing from Capsized Boat in Mexico

Photo: American Tourists Rescued in Mexico from Capsized boat

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UPDATE:  As of this morning seven American tourists remain missing from the capsized fishing charter boat in Baja California, Mexico.  One American tourist has been confirmed dead when Erik, the fishing charter boat out of the San Felipe port, capsized due to an unexpected and violent electrical storm at sea.  Thus far 19 of the tourists and all 16 crew members had been rescued either by the Mexican Navy or local fisherman. 

Rescuers, which include the U.S. Coast Guard out of San Diego remain hopeful that the tourists, mostly from California, will be rescued in what are now calm waters. 

The boat capsized early Sunday morning after leaving port on Saturday for a routine weeklong fishing trip.  The traveling group consisting of 27 men, had been organizing these fishing trips for years, always around the Fourth of July.  The majority of the men rescued were in good condition in spite of some of being in the water for over 16 hours. 

ORIGINAL STORY:  A 115-foot fishing charter boat with 44 passengers, half of which are American, was struck by an electrical storm early today and capsized two miles from shore in Mexico.

The boat left the port of San Felipe in Baja California to go into the Sea of Cortez on Saturday and was struck by an electrical storm early Sunday,  the boat then capsized.  When two boat passengers were rescued along with the cook by local fisherman, the Mexican Navy became involved.

The boat called the Erik was found some 87 miles south of the San Felipe port.  There were 27 passengers and 17 crew on board, of which 27 were U.S. citizens.  19 tourists mostly from San Francisco were rescued as were 16 crew members. Some swam to shore and others were rescued were by the Mexican Navy. 

The U.S. Coast Guard from San Diego also assisted in the search for missing passengers.  They confirmed that thus far one passenger was dead and eight remain missing.

The boat which has been successfully operating since 1989 has sleeping accommodations for up to 42 guests.