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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 5, 2011

Univision Renews Don Francisco’s Contract As The Host Faces a Paternity Lawsuit

Univision Renews Don Francisco’s Contract As The Host Faces a Paternity Lawsuit

Photo: Don Francisco

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The Popular TV host Mario Kreutzberger, known as “Don Francisco” is celebrating his contract renewal with Univision while facing a paternity lawsuit, from 43 year old Patricio Abraham.

Abraham who filed the lawsuit in October assured that he is the fruit of furtive encounters between the host and his mother, who then worked at a local Chilean bakery shop.

Abraham adds that his mother and Don Francisco never met again after he made it on television, despite the woman looking for him at TV Channel 13, where he started his career.

Since his mother told him the truth on her deathbed, Abraham has been trying to contact don Francisco for a private chat but to no avail, so in October he opted for the judicial way.  According to Chilean law—where the men are both from, if Don Francisco refuses a DNA test, the judge might immediately declare the paternity, and mandate Don Francisco recognize Abraham as his son.

Abraham’s lawyer said his client is not seeking any financial benefits from the case, and said he is against such practices.

Don Francisco, who lives in Miami where he has just extended his contract to produce and direct his show ‘Sábado Gigante’ had no comment on the case.  Kreutzberger created the show back in Chile in 1962 and it was picked up in the States in 1986.  It is not known what royalties and compensation the Don receives for his show from the Univision network.