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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 17, 2011

Univision Launches Game Show Set In… Kmart?  (VIDEO)

“Arrasa con Todo con Kmart,” is the name of Univision’s new Spanish speaking game show where contestants compete in a myriad of supermarket themed games and challenges.

The set of “Arrasa con Todo con Kmart”,  looks like the inside of a Kmart store; Carolina, the show’s model parades her outfit of Kmart exclusive brands through the isles and before the audience, the jovial host Carlos Calderón and the contestants, Jose and Pati.

The host then explains that José and Pati will be playing “What’s Changed?”, Carolina reappears, and the contestants struggle to spot what has changed since the last time they saw her. She’s added a gray Kmart scarf, then removed her Kmart necklace and finally swapped her Selena Gomez purse for one in a different color.

The Kmart brand is the back bone of the show. This venture on Spanish TV demonstrates Kmart’s growing interest on seducing Hispanic consumers or overwhelming them, as well as the bold evolution of Univision into a producer and distributor of branded entertainment: Kmart is even mentioned in the show’s theme song.
“We’re trying to find ways to bring Kmart’s value proposition to this market and to go beyond traditional media.” said Mark Snyder, Kmart’s chief marketing officer.

The retailer giant worked closely with Univision’s producers to build games around brands Kmart wanted to feature, making use of several brands specially targeted to Hispanics, such as the Selena Gómez fashion line and a line of home goods endorsed by Cristina Saralegui, called “Casa Cristina.”

“Selena is arguably the most popular teen girl star, and 71% of Latinas look to Cristina as a role model. Her brand is [about] family, community and culture but she lives in the modern world,” Mr. Snyder said. “And we recently announced a women’s apparel line with Sofia Vergara launching in September in stores.”

Goya products are also featured in picturesque challenges, like when contestants had to assemble a puzzle of a Goya sauce bottle.

José and Pati were given a scavenger hunt list and ran around the isles trying to find six items a head in about a minute. Jose found five of his items—a flatware set, a toy, men’s shoes, etc. Pati only found an extension cord, a baseball bat and two other items; she spent a lot of time looking for a very elusive ice cream scoop, and it got her eliminated. Pati exits with a Kmart gift certificate, and Jose meets Alfredo, the winner from the first half of the show.

The final shopping spree had Jose and Alfredo racing through the store trying to stuff shopping carts full of the most expensive items they can find.

José snatched the Kmart Blue Light Special, which doubled the total value of his shopping cart.