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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 25, 2010

Univision Chief: Immigration Necessary to Keep U.S. “Globally Competitive”

While not advocating any particular immigration policy, leading Spanish-language broadcaster, Univision’s chief, Joe Uva believes immigration is an economic and national security issue as well as an immigration issue. “We’ve got to do more to make it possible to come up with an immigration policy that will allow the US to remain globally competitive.”

Uva expects that we’ll see the amount of money spent on political campaigns to increase, because in many states, the Hispanic vote is needed to win. He notes the role Hispanic voters played in the electing of Barack Obama in ’08. The 2010 census is expected to show the Hispanic population at over 50 Million.

“The Anglo population hasn’t grown fast enough to meet our needs from an economic standpoint,” he said: “We need immigrants across the full spectrum of the economy: not just innovators and risk-takers, but the people who are actually going to do the work.”