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Saturday August 24, 2013

University of Notre Dame to Accept Undocumented Students and Provide Financial Aid

University of Notre Dame to Accept Undocumented Students and Provide Financial Aid

Photo: University of Notre Dame

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University of Notre Dame this week announced changes to its admission policies that will allow academically qualified undocumented students to apply for admission. 

The Catholic university and home to the ‘Fighting Irish’ said in their announcement, “In making the decision to admit academically qualified men and women who are undocumented, we will strengthen our incoming class and give deserving young people the chance for a Notre Dame education.”  The university based in South Bend, Indiana says its decision was also driven by its mission as a Catholic institution.

In addition the university will provide financial aid to undocumented students to help defer the cost of tuition, which is set at $44,605.  For a student living on campus tuition plus room & board is over $60,000 annually.

Not everyone is happy with the schools new admission policy.  Notre Dame College Republicans President Mark Gianfella said to WSBT-TV, “The university definitely chooses to enforce every other law on campus, such as drinking, which is known by every student, or the drug policy, which is very strongly enforced, yet it sends an inconsistent and sometimes confusing message to then ignore the fact that undocumented students are really illegal aliens.”

Applications from undocumented students will start to be accepted this fall for admission in 2014. 

Several other prominent universities have also recently announced their plan to allow undocumented students to apply including University of Michigan and Santa Clara University.