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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 18, 2012

University of California Admits Record Number of Latino Students

University of California Admits Record Number of Latino Students

Photo: Record Number Latinos, University of California

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The proportion of Hispanics among the roughly 61,443 state residents admitted this year to the nine undergraduate campuses of the University of California marks an all-time high, the system’s administrators said Tuesday.

Latinos make up 27.3 percent of the in-state entering class, nearly equal to the proportion of non-Hispanic whites, 28.2 percent, and well ahead of African-Americans, at 4.4 percent.

Asians account for 36.3 percent of in-state applicants admitted for the Fall 2012 term.

The figures show a continuous increase in the number of Hispanics accepted by UC, according to Kate Jeffery, the system’s interim director of undergraduate admissions.

While UC Riverside admitted the largest number of Latinos, 5,500, the more than 3,800 Hispanics accepted at UC Merced represent nearly 40 percent of that institution’s incoming freshmen.

California’s 14.1 million Hispanics constitute around 40 percent of the state’s population.