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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 18, 2010

Universal Health Care For ALL of Peru

Peru is ready to roll out its massive Universal Health Care program known as the “Aseguramiento Universal en Salud” (AUS) in certain areas of the country starting with Lima and Callao.  The universal health care program was approved by the government in April and will provide free health care for those who are unable to pay and a tiered co-payment system for those that have some ability to pay.  The first phase will insure 4 million uninsured people, of the 29 million country inhabitants, under the existing national health-care system.

The next step of the program will extend AUS coverage to the poorest regions of the country that include the Amazonian inhabitants and regions predominantly Indian.  Approximately 34% of the country lives at poverty level and death from child birth is one of the highest in the world.  President Alan Garcia and other health ministers attended the health-care launch ceremony and were humbled by the enormity of this legislation noting it as “revolutionary.


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