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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 27, 2011

United States Council on Latino Affairs to Convene, Fighting Against Anti-Immigrant Initiatives

The United States Hispanic Leadership Institute is convening the U.S. Council on Latino Affairs (USCLA), considered one of the most effective advocacy coalition at the state level on behalf of the Latino community. 

USCLA members tend to be on the front lines at the local and state level fighting for in-state tuition for immigrants, driver licenses for undocumented workers, and access to education, health and human services.  They have also been on the front lines mobilizing the community in the fight against anti-Latino and anti-immigrant legislative proposals and local ordinances.

Over the last five years USHLI has been bringing together state commissions and state advisory councils in conjunction with their national conference and annual dinner.  Over 20 states have been represented at these meetings.

These state commissions and advisory councils represent an integral part of the Latino leadership community on critical issues of public policy at the local and state level and are becoming a strong voice on major issues at the national level. 

During the last 40 years state commissions have been created by legislative mandate to advise a governor and legislative leaders on issues as they may affect the Latino community in their respective states, and to help make state agencies more accessible and responsive to the needs of the Latino community.