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Latino Daily News

Friday June 25, 2010

United Farm Workers Launch Campaign Challenging American’s to Replace Them in the Fields

The United Farm Workers (UFW), that employs approximately 500,000 migrants to do field and farm work, is launching a national public awareness campaign “Takeourjobs.org” to highlight the importance of their work to the economy and the difficulties of it, while pushing for immigration reform.  The majority of farm workers are undocumented and in their opinion are viewed in the current political climate as the ones taking American jobs away. 

In response UFW’s campaign, that kicks off on July 8th on the Colbert Show, will ask American’s to apply for their jobs in hopes of showing the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  Agricultural communities, dependent on the migrant work force back the campaign opining “Farm workers do the work that most Americans are not willing to do.”  This campaign will either prove them right or wrong. 

Employers in one of the second largest U.S. agricultural areas note that few legal residents come seeking these jobs even with double digit employment. 


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