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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 9, 2010

UNICEF Warns of Dangers Facing Migrant Children from Latin America

A new United Nations study warns of the perils of abuse and exploitation that threaten migrant children from Latin America and calls for policies to protect their rights.

The authors of “Children and international migration in Latin America and the Caribbean,” published today by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), note that migration may bring some benefits such as greater educational and job opportunities.

At the same time, the study notes that restrictive migration policies, xenophobia, discrimination and human trafficking are some of the main dangers migrants face, especially if they are illegal migrants.

An estimated 6 million people from Latin America and the Caribbean have migrated within the region and some 25 million have migrated to the United States and Europe.

Ensuring access to the right to an identity at the time of birth, and avoiding the detention of migrant children and adolescents due to their illegal entry to a country are among the other recommendations set out in the study.