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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 13, 2011

Undocumented.tv Set to Launch Next Week - Get Ready for the Uproar (VIDEO)

UnDocumented.tv is a media-driven, social-action movement seeking to inspire and mobilize young Evangelical Christians towards championing the needs of immigrants. They are creating provocative, response-oriented short films paired with specific social-action experiences.

UnDocumented.tv intent is to inspire churches and individuals to understand and enter the Immigration Reform conversation. They will challenge their audience to move beyond any existing personal or media-driven bias and toward active involvement in social change on this issue.

According to Undocumented.tv founders:  “Some in our society see immigration as an invasion. Many see immigrants—especially undocumented immigrants—as a threat to our economy, our security, and our national identity.But as followers of Christ, God has been challenging Matthew Soerens and Jesse Oxford to see things differently: as a beautiful, missional opportunity for the Church.”

Undocumented.tv—is positioning itself as resource where people can ask some tough questions and to challenge you to think differently about your undocumented neighbors.

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