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Latino Daily News

Monday November 28, 2011

Undocumented Student Takes Own Life, Frustrated DREAM Act Not Passed (VIDEO)

Undocumented Student Takes Own Life, Frustrated DREAM Act Not Passed (VIDEO)

Photo: Joaquin Luna, 18, takes own life after DREAM Act fails to pass

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Letters from an undocumented student provide the only window into the mind of a high school student who committed suicide fearing he had no future.

As a senior at Juarez Lincoln High School in Mission, Texas, the family of 18-year-old Joaquin Luna says he dreamed of being an engineer, but after seeing the DREAM Act fail to pass earlier this year, he did not think he would be able to pursue that dream.

Friday night, his family said he put on a suit and tie, said goodbye to all of them, then proceeded to the bathroom where he shot himself in the head with a small handgun.

Luna’s family said he was devastated when the DREAM Act, and saw no way to pursue an engineering career without it.

He left behind letters explaining that he just wanted to continue his education, reach his goals, and improve life for his mother.

After hearing the shot, Luna’s brother, Diyre Mendoza ran to the bathroom, found his little brother and pulled in out.

‘As soon as I pulled him out into the kitchen I could see the bullet hole and there was no movement, no signs of anything,’ Mendoza told KGBT-TV Action 4 News.

His family is now preparing for his funeral.

Last year, the DREAM Act failed in the Senate despite support from both Democrats and Republicans. When it was reintroduced this past spring, it received no Republican support and failed once again.

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