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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 17, 2010

Unauthorized Vigilantes Patrolling AZ Border, Legally

Unauthorized Vigilantes Patrolling AZ Border, Legally

Photo: J.T. Ready with AZ state Rep Russell Pearce at anti-immigration rally in June

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Jason “J.T.” Ready is a different type of civilian border watcher. He and his group are carrying assault weapons, wearing army fatigues, body armor and gas masks.
“We’re not going to sit around and wait for the government anymore,” Ready said. “This is what our founding fathers did.”
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says there have not yet been any problems with Ready’s group but he is concerned. The group is untrained and acting without the authority of the law which lead to dangerous results.
These patrols have been occurring on public land for many years and Arizona’s liberal gun laws leave no real restrictions on their weaponry.
“I’m not inviting them. And in fact, I’d rather they not come,” Babeu said. “Especially those who espouse hatred or bigotry such as his.”
One wonders if Arizona is spending too much time and energy on the changing the wrong law.