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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 19, 2011

UN: Immigrants Accelerate Development by Sending Remittances

UN: Immigrants Accelerate Development by Sending Remittances

Photo: Migrants and Their Remittances

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today underlined the role of migrants in accelerating development through remitting funds regularly to their countries of origin, noting that their economic contributions to host societies are often overlooked.

“Let us not forget, entire communities subsist almost entirely on remittances,” Mr. Ban told the General Assembly’s thematic debate on Migration and Development.

“Across the developing world, remittances make it possible for families to get health care… send their children to school… and start up small businesses. Remittances underwrite development. They are a source for stability and social cohesion,” said the Secretary-General.

He observed that without the support of relatives working abroad, many more people might seek to migrate.

Mr. Ban said that migrants do not always fit into the stereotype of an unskilled group of people with low levels of education doing the so-called “3D” jobs – tasks that are considered “dirty, dangerous and difficult.”

“To the contrary, in many countries they are the best and the brightest: doctors, nurses, engineers and other highly educated professionals. These are a welcome addition to any society,” said Mr. Ban. “It is easy to see the negatives but it is much more difficult to appreciate the positives. And yet those positives ultimately overshadow the negatives,” he added.

Nearly two thirds of the world’s 214 million migrants live in wealthy countries, sending homes more than $300 billion in remittances every year, an amount that dwarfs international aid flows, the Secretary-General noted, reiterating his call to governments to keep their countries’ borders open and not to restrict migration unduly.