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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 19, 2010

UN Calls for Respect of Migrant Rights and their Crucial Economic Role

With mounting unemployment spurring discrimination and the politics of polarization on the rise, United Nations officials have decried the human rights violations, xenophobia, and exploitation faced by many of the world’s 214 million international migrants.

Migrants contribute to economic growth and human development they enrich societies through cultural diversity, knowledge and technology exchange and they improve demographic balance in aging populations. While for many, migration is a positive and empowering experience, many others endure human rights violations, xenophobia, and exploitation.  The UN stressed the plight of the tens of millions of migrants who are in “an irregular situation” and thus more likely to be denied basic labor protections, due process guarantees, personal security, and health care.

“They are vulnerable to suffering prolonged detention or ill-treatment, and in some cases enslavement, rape or even murder,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said. “Clearly much more needs to be done to safeguard the rights of migrants.”  The Secretary General called called on all nations to ratify the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families.