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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 10, 2013

UC Berkeley Bans Term “Illegal Immigrant” Deeming It Racist

UC Berkeley Bans Term “Illegal Immigrant” Deeming It Racist

Photo: UC Berkeley

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The University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley), following in the footsteps of UCLA, has banned the use of the term “illegal immigrant” deeming it a racist, derogatory term.

The school’s student government in a unanimous vote passed a resolution stating the term is racially charged and dehumanizes people thereby contributing to “punitive and discriminatory actions aimed primarily at immigrants and communities of color.”

This past August, UCLA’s student government passed a unanimous resolution banning the term labeling it a racist term that violates human rights guarantees protected by the constitution.

There are some 900 undocumented students, out of approximately 234,000 students, attending the University of California public school system.  Undocumented students can go to any college or university in California if they meet admissions requirements.

Latinos, for the first time, made up the largest ethnic group among applicants for the 2013-14 freshmen class in the California school system.  Latino student applications went from 30.1 percent last year to 32.1 percent, the highest percentage of all ethnic groups among California college freshman applicants.

The two schools, within the ten-campus California public school system, that have the largest Latino student populations are UC Merced and UC Riverside.


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