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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 18, 2013

U.S. Will Not Acknowledge Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela’s President

U.S. Will Not Acknowledge Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela’s President

Photo: Nicolas Maduro Not Recognized by U.S. as President

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While the majority of Latin American countries have acknowledged Nicolas Maduro as the rightfully elected President of Venezuela in a razor-thin victory, the U.S. is refusing to do so.

The U.S. is also calling for a “credible and transparent process to reassure the Venezuelan people regarding the results.”  Shortly thereafter Venezuela’s Supreme Court announced there would be no recount.  Secretary of State John Kerry stated the U.S. had not decided whether to recognize Maduro as president.  Kerry is also calling for a recount so that there are no questions about Maduro’s right to rule.

This past Sunday Nicolas Maduro, former Vice President of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez’ handpicked successor, defeated Governor Henrique Caprilles in a narrow election.  On Monday with just a 200,000 vote (1.7% difference) lead Maduro was declared the winner without a chance for a recall as Caprilles was urging.

For his part Maduro has said he “does not care” if the U.S. recognizes his election victory or not.  He said according to Mercopress “We have decided to be free and we are going to be free and independent, with you or without you. Your opinion is not important to us.”

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Uruguay amongst other countries have sent Maduro their congratulations and support. 

Maduro will be sworn in as President on Friday.  Thus far eight people have been killed in election-related protests, most were supporters of Caprilles.