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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 10, 2013

U.S. v Mexico:  Guess Whose Fatter????

The U.S. does not typically lose out to the Mexico in terms of socio-economic, GDP and countless other benchmarks – that is until today.

Mexico just took the ‘fattest country’ crown away from the United States according to a study by the United Nations. 

The “State of Food and Agriculture” has uncovered that the U.S. is no longer the fattest country amongst the more populated, industrial nations but rather its neighbor to the south is.  The UN reports that 32.8 percent of Mexico’s adult population is obese while the U.S. obesity rate is 31.8 percent.

Many Mexicans blame the U.S. influence in Mexico on their size.  Everything from the love of fast food to super-size portions is taking over the traditional Mexican diet which is considered relatively healthy. 

Not surprising nearly 10 million Mexicans now suffer from diabetes related to their lifestyle and eating choices.  Over 80,00 Mexicans are projected to die this year of diabetes in Mexico, up 92 percent from the year 2000, health activists and experts said.

An alarmingly 70 percent of its adult population are overweight with the younger generations also overweight.  The child obesity rate in Mexico has tripled in a decade.