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Latino Daily News

Monday January 17, 2011

U.S. Sued for $25Million for Killing Mexican Teen at Border

The parents of Mexican teen Sergio Hernandez Guereca are suing the U.S. government for the death of their 15-year-old son at the hands of U.S. Border patrol agents last June.

Guereca was killed on the Mexican side of the border, by bullets fired by a border patrol agent on U.S. soil, in response to his pelting the agents with rocks.  The family asserts their son was killed in cold blood and that videotape that has aired on Univision shows their son wasn’t even throwing rocks.

The lawsuit was filed in El Paso and names Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security as defendants.  The FBI has claimed Guereca was an immigrant smuggler and was throwing rocks to distract the agents.  Many Mexicans claim shooting him to death is an exaggerated response to rock throwing, if in fact he was throwing rocks.

The U.S. has never identified the name of the agent that shot the teen or whether they are investigating the matter.