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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 2, 2013

21-Year-Old U.S. Student Identified as Victim of Gang Rape in Brazil

21-Year-Old U.S. Student Identified as Victim of Gang Rape in Brazil

Photo: Brazil Minibus Gang Rape

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Brazilian and French authorities are confirming that the victim of Sunday’s horrific kidnapping and gang rape was a 21-year-old U.S. student that was accompanied by her French boyfriend. 

The six hour ordeal started when the two tourists boarded a public transporation minibus at the popular Copacabana beach enroute to the Lapa section.  Three men boarded the bus at a later stop and ordered everyone off the bus except the two victims.

The male victim, a 23-year-old French student, was tied up and forced to watch the repeated rape of his girlfriend.  The two victims were kicked off the minibus some 30 miles away.  The female victim suffered a broken nose and her companion has a fractured face.

Two men were arrested hours after the crime occurred and now a third suspect was arrested last night.  Brazilian police used surveillance video from numerous gas stations where the armed men went to use the victims stolen credit cards. 

A local Brazilian woman who suffered a similar fate on a minibus also helped authorities identify the gunmen.

Brazil’s handle on its crime rate is once again under discussion.  The country is hosting the pope in July for World Youth Day where 2 million visitors are expected.  It will also host the 2016 World Cup and Olympic games.