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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 27, 2010

U.S. Shifting Its Positive View of Legal Immigration

A recent survey found that the American people regardless of political affiliation are growing wary of immigration, legal or otherwise.  The long held view of immigrants as a positive contributor to American society may no longer be the case.

The German Marshall Fund conducted a comprehensive survey to present to North American immigration officials on how people in this country viewed immigrants.  The results were alarming in that many people, 54% no longer viewed immigrants as a positive but rather a societal problem.  There was also a false perception that there were more foreign born people in the country than there really are.  The study showed American think 35% of U.S. population was not born here when it is actually 14%.

There were distinctions along party lines but both the Democrats and Republicans saw immigration as a problem.  In the last year, 15% more Republicans and 3% more Democrats see legal immigration in a negative light.  The shifting perception is attributed mostly to the comprehensive immigration reform debate and misinformation.


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