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Latino Daily News

Friday October 8, 2010

U.S. Officials Reach Out to Drug Cartel Suspected as Mexican Pirates in Boaters Shooting (VIDEO)

Texas officials that are investigating the presumed murder of Michael Hartley at the heads of Mexican pirates, on September 30th, have reached out to them.  Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez made an urgent plea to the Zeta cartel or any other cartel operating in the area to come forward with information to help locate the body of the missing U.S. boater.  Meanwhile the search and investigation continues on both sides of the border.

The life vest of Tiffany Hartley is being examined for blood spots found on it that are presumed to be that of her husband.  This would be the first evidence to prove that Hartley was indeed injured as his wife is claiming.

Mexican pirates are being blamed for the shooting death of Hartley after he and his wife left Mexico via boat and were shot at on Falcon Lake in Texas.  The incident has evolved to an international incident and increased tensions between Mexico and the U.S. 

U.S. authorities blame the Mexican government for not doing enough to search for the still missing body of Hartley.  Whereas Mexican officials say there is no evidence a crime even took place – the blood evidence on the vest would be the first visible sign that a possible crime occurred.


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