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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 8, 2010

U.S. Officials Meet with 14-Year Old Mexican Assassin; Two Sisters also Drug Cartel Members

U.S. Embassy officials in Mexico met with the 14-year old alleged assassin in prison to assure his safety and inform him of his rights in a foreign country, should he indeed be a U.S. citizen.  They are still searching for a birth certificate for the boy to make final confirmation of U.S. citizenship.

‘El Ponchis’ as he is known, has been detained by Mexican officials for the torture and beheadings of four individuals in Mexico.  The boy was arrested with his 19 year-old sister as they were getting ready to board a flight to San Diego to be with family. 

The 19-year sister has been identified as Elizabeth Jimenez Lugo, both are suspected of working with the South Pacific Cartel leader Julio ‘El Negro’ Padilla.  Elizabeth is allegedly El Negro’s girlfriend. 

A 23-year old sister, Lina Erika Jimenez Lugo, who drove the pair to the airport, has also been arrested as an alleged cartel member.