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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 4, 2010

U.S.-Mexico Border Tunnel Reveals Largest Pot Seizure in California’s History

U.S Drug agents and border patrol stumbled upon an underground tunnel connecting warehouses in San Diego, California and Mexico and confiscated 20 tons of marijuana making this the largest pot seizure in California history and the second largest in U.S. history. 

U.S. authorities were investigating suspicious activity at a San Diego warehouse and had stopped a truck departing from the warehouse that had concealed marijuana.  While investigating the warehouse they came upon the tunnel.  In total, between the U.S. and Mexico, who were called to investigate the Mexican side of the tunnel, a total of 30 tons of pot packaged ready for sale, were seized with a street value of $20 million.

Some 125 U.S.-Mexico border tunnels have been found over the last two decades, which are typically used to smuggle drugs or undocumented immigrants.