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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 15, 2011

U.S. Latinos Split Over Obama Jobs Bill (VIDEOS)

U.S. Latinos Split Over Obama Jobs Bill (VIDEOS)

Photo: U.S. Latinos Split Over Obama Jobs Bill

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President Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill has the support of a number of the country’s Latinos, as he said it would “put people to work,” but Hispanic Republicans are not as quick to join their brothers in that support.

Republicans Rep. Francisco Canseco of San Antonio, TX says the president’s plan is just an attempt to “spend and borrow our way to economic prosperity.”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, while liking aspects of the bill, said it “just won’t work.”

But Hispanics in support of the president’s bill appreciate that minorities, the disabled, and the young were taken into consideration.

President Obama’s bill includes tax cuts for the small business to help them grow and hire additional workers. Hispanic business owners often lead small businesses and would greatly benefit from such cuts.

During his speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Wednesday, the president reiterated that his jobs proposal would help with the high unemployment rate within the Latino community, and he pointed out

“At a time when countries like China are building high-speed rail lines and gleaming new airports, we’ve got over a million unemployed construction workers, many of them Latino, who could be doing the same thing right here in the United States. That’s not right. It’s time for us to fix it. That’s why Congress should pass this bill right away.”

This jobs bill includes tax cuts for small businesses; getting people back to work; improving education and hiring additional teachers; helping the unemployed by revamping the country’s unemployment insurance program and rewarding tax cuts to businesses that hire the previously unemployed for long-term work; and cutting payroll taxes, putting more money in workers’ pockets.

President Obama shares “The American Jobs Act” with Congress and that American people.


President Obama addresses Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s awards gala