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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 1, 2011

U.S. Inter’l Adoptions Hits 15-Year Low, Colombia Now #1 Source from Latin American Region

The U.S. saw the lowest level of foreign adoption, dropping by 13 percent last year, hitting a 15-year low.  The decrease was attributed in large part to the clamp down on Guatemalan adoptions, whereby they were the No. 1 source of international adoptions in 2008 and now virtually shut out of the process.

In fiscal year 2010, the U.S. Government issued 11,059 immigrant visas to children adopted by U.S. citizen adopting parents. These children immigrated to the United States from over 100 different countries and found new homes in every one of our 50 states.

China remains the number one source of adopted children with 3,401 followed by Ethiopia at 2,513 then Russia at 1,082.  Russia also saw a decrease in U.S. based-adoptions of their children due to the negative fall out when a 7-year old Russian boy was sent back by his U.S. parent, alone on a flight.

In Latin America, Colombia leads with 235 children being adopted here, then there is a steep drop off with Mexico adopting out 53 children.  Of the Latin American countries where U.S. foreign adoption is taking place the Dominican Republic had the lowest level at 7 adoptions.