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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 31, 2011

U.S. Enters Second Round of High-Level Partnership Talks with Colombia

U.S. Enters Second Round of High-Level Partnership Talks with Colombia

Photo: U.S.-Colombia Partnership Talks

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On May 31, the United States and Colombia will hold the second round of working group meetings as part of our continuing High-Level Partnership Dialogue. Delegations from the two countries will have discussions in five working groups covering themes of Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance; Energy; Social and Economic Opportunities; Environmental Protection and Climate Change; and Culture and Education.

The Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance working group will discuss efforts to fight against impunity, promote victims’ rights, and create a national human rights system in Colombia. The Environmental Protection and Climate Change working group will discuss new ideas and approaches to low-emissions development strategies, forestry, biodiversity, conservation, and marine environmental protection and enforcement. The Energy working group will explore the energy framework in both countries and expanded partnerships in renewable and fossil fuel energy, and state of the art alternative energy development in line with President Obama’s long-term goals.

The Culture and Education working group will share best practices for institutional capacity building, promoting academic exchange, improving access to education to support social inclusion, sports programs as education tools, and cultural preservation. The Social and Economic Working Group will review Colombia’s four-year National Development Plan and how the United States can support it, as well as Colombian programs to improve opportunities for indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities.