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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 29, 2012

U.S. Ecuador Ambassador Gets Senate Approval

U.S. Ecuador Ambassador Gets Senate Approval

Photo: Namm will be the new Ecuadorian Ambassador.

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The United States Senate confirmed this week that Adam Namm is the new U.S. ambassador to Ecuador replacing Heather Hodger, who was expelled last year.

Nathalie Cely, the representative for Ecuador in Washington, announced the news of his conformation through her twitter account. She also congratulated Namn wishing him the best in his diplomatic pursuits in her home country.

The selection for the new ambassador took a period of six months, which Cely believes is due to conflicts within the internal government of Ecuador and with its prior U.S. ambassador. Now that the selection process is finished, both countries have their respective ambassadors and ties with Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian government will improve announced Washington.

Cely also sees this new tie as a step closer to a more democratic style of government with similar ideals as the United States. According to the press, she states,“With the arrival of Ambassador Namn to Ecuador we will push forward the bilateral dialogue. This discussion forum includes the five axis: commerce and development; cooperation; security; human mobility and immigration; and the environment”.