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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 19, 2010

U.S. Diplomats Visting Guatemala and Honduras Focusing on Violence in Region

Assistant Secretary of State, David Johnson, and a small U.S. delegation are traveling to Honduras and Guatemala until October 21, 2010.

In Guatemala, Johnson will meet with Minister of Government Carlos Menocal, Attorney General Maria Mejia de Contreras, Police Reform Commissioner Helen Mack, International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) Commissioner Francisco Dall’Anese, and other members of the Guatemalan government to discuss law enforcement reform and pending legislation that will allow further security and justice efforts.

Later in the week, Assistant Secretary Johnson, along with US Ambassador Hugo Llorens, will meet with President Porfirio Lobo, Secretary of State for Security Oscar Alvarez, and convene the U.S.-Honduras Merida-CARSI Task Force. In both countries Assistant Secretary Johnson will have the opportunity to discuss on-going efforts to address crime and violence. In Honduras, he will emphasize law enforcement initiatives for corrections and efforts to dismantle and prosecute criminal organizations.

These meetings are meant to demonstrate U.S. support and shared commitment to addressing rising crime and violence in Guatemala, Honduras, and throughout Central America. The assistant secretary will encourage both governments to leverage their security and justice sector successes where possible in the region. Assistant Secretary Johnson’s visit will encourage continued partnership between the U.S., the governments of Central America, and other international donors to improve citizen security in the region.