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Friday November 11, 2011

U.S. Declares Nicaragua Elections as Non-Transparent

U.S. Declares Nicaragua Elections as Non-Transparent

Photo: Nicaragua Elections Not Transparent Says U.S.

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The Nicaraguan Government has announced that Daniel Ortega will serve another term as president. International and unaccredited domestic observers have publicly stated that the electoral process was marred by significant irregularities. The major opposition candidates have rejected the results.

The Nicaraguan elections were not transparent.

On October 31 the State Department noted how concerned they were about irregularities throughout the Nicaraguan electoral process. Specifically noting the Nicaraguan Government’s failure to accredit certain credible domestic organizations as observers, difficulties voters faced in obtaining proper identification, and pronouncements by Nicaraguan authorities that electoral candidates might be disqualified after the elections. On election day, some observers were denied access to voting centers.

The U.S. agrees with the European Union’s electoral mission that the Supreme Electoral Council did not operate in a transparent and impartial manner.  They also share the concerns of the Organization of American States electoral mission regarding irregularities in the electoral process and on election day itself, and joins the OAS in calling upon Nicaraguan authorities to investigate acts of violence perpetrated on election day.

All of these actions, and a lack of full accounting of ballots cast, has reduced U.S. confidence in the outcome of the elections.
and concluded by saying “We will continue to support civil society and promote human rights in Nicaragua both now and in the years to come.”