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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 13, 2010

Mexican Police Chief Investigating Tourist Disappearance Brutally Murdered

MOST RECENT UPDATE:  Sources in the U.S. are now confirming the death of Mexican police Commander Rolando Flores.  Yesterday when Mexican officials announced that Flores was murdered few details were known and U.S. authorities were not confirming those reports.  Today authorities on both sides of the border are confirming Flores was beheaded with his head found in a suitcase in front of the Mexican military base in Miguel Aleman, Mexico.  Mexican authorities are denying the gruesome murder is related to the search for U.S. tourist David Hartley.

On hearing of the brutal murder Texas Governor Rick Perry said, “This was a message from gangsters for investigators to stay out of their territory.”

UPDATE: Commander Rolando Flores who worked for the Tamaulipas police department in Mexico and was heading the search for American boater David Hartley was found dead.  Flores was investigating the disappearance of Hartley after his wife, Tiffany, claimed they were ambushed by Mexican pirates on Falcon Lake back on September 30th.  David Hartley fell from the jet-ski the couple was riding as they were sight seeing on the Mexican side of the lake.  A spokesperson for the Tamaulipas police is stating Flores’ killing is unrelated to the Hartley investigation and would not provide any information on how Flores died.

ORIGINAL STORY:  David Hartley has been missing and presumed dead since September 30th and ever since then his wife Tiffany Hartley has been pressing Mexican and American authorities to find him.  Mexican officials are now reporting that they have identified two suspects in the shooting that occurred on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.

The couple was sightseeing in Mexico on their jet-ski when ambushed by several Mexican pirates and were shot at when they attempted to flee onto U.S. waters; David fell off the boat into the water.  Mexican authorities were in charge of the investigation though initially reluctantly doubting whether the incident had ever happened.

Authorities are said to be searching for Juan Pedro and Manuel Saldivar-Farias, while the search for David’s body continues.