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Latino Daily News

Monday February 28, 2011

Two Phoenix Men Arrested for Attempting to Have Sex With Dogs

Two men have been arrested in Arizona for allegedly arranging to have sex with dogs.

Authorities say one of the men, Patrick Stephen Trejo of Phoenix, 25, is a music teacher at a middle school. The other is 47-year-old Keith D. Kiefer of Mesa. The men have each been charged with conspiring to have bestial-sexual contact with an animal.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies say the men went online and found dog owners who offer their pets for sex. The men allegedly arranged a meeting with a dog handler for Thursday.

Trejo is on administrative leave from the west Phoenix school he was working at. Keifer in an unemployed handyman. The two much now wear electronic monitors, and are not allowed to have contact with animals.

It is currently unknown if the men have attorneys.