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Latino Daily News

Friday February 11, 2011

Two More Argentinean Children Die

Two More Argentinean Children Die

Photo: A Wichi Woman and her childr

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Two more children died in Northern Argentina, bringing the total to seven babies in 40 days, all from malnutrition.  All of these deaths took place in the province of Salta, and each child belonged to indigenous colonies, the two newest deaths being from the Wichi community. 

One of the babies, which would have celebrated its first birthday this month, died in a government hospital, and was diagnosed with “extreme dehydration as a consequence of gastroenteritis.”

The other child was a two-year-old girl from the Los Baldes colony who had similar symptoms to the other child but the final diagnosis has not been released yet. 

Dr. Enrique Heredia, the Salta province Social Medicine Director, confirmed the two deaths. 

“We don’t want to brush the dead under the carpet: we now have seven indigenous babies dead in the last fifteen days because of malnutrition,” Heredia said. 

According to the aunt of the first baby, “my nephew was healthy and rosy, but then he started loosing weight and was with diarrhea so my sister took him to the hospital. He was hydrated with serum and discharged on the same day.” 

“Three hours later, he was dead,” said the father of the child, a man named Marcos. 

In one of the poorest areas of Salta, six babies are currently being treated for vomiting and diarrhea and yet another dozen remain under observation. 

Heredia has stated that sanitary staff formed ten different teams and had already arrived in the province to figure out the problem.