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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 20, 2011

TV Show Hit, a Dream Come True for Espinoza Paz

TV Show Hit, a Dream Come True for Espinoza Paz

Photo: Espinoza Paz

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Mexican singer-songwriter Espinoza Paz said that his dream came true after appearing on a television show that made him famous.

Until several months ago, the 29-year-old from the western state of Sinaloa was a complete unknown to the general public - only a few singers knew who he was because he had written songs for them.

“This year’s success has been very interesting. I’m really happy that dreams can come true and that I could achieve what I’ve longed for so much,” the artist told a press conference.

Espinoza Paz has spent years composing songs for artists like Thalia, David Bisbal and Paulina Rubio.

He recorded his first disc in 2008 and in September debuted on the TV program “La Voz de Mexico” (The Voice of Mexico), a contest in which four artists took charge of a group of unknown singers who faced off against each other to find out which one had the best voice in the country.

The contestant mentored by Paz, Alejandra Orozco, came in second on the program that ended Sunday, after winning a large viewer following and popularizing the singer-songwriter, who said that “for some magic reason” his songs work.