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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 6, 2014

TV Cameraman Covering Carnival Shot 4 Times in Brazil

A TV cameraman was hospitalized in serious condition after being shot several times while he was covering a Carnival procession in the northeastern Brazilian city of Pedreiras, Bandeirantes television said Wednesday.

Hilton Costa Brito, 36, was at a parade when a man got out of a nearby car and opened fire at him, according to Bandeirantes, which is affiliated with TV Atenas, for which the cameraman works as a freelancer.

Brito, who was shot four times in the stomach and legs, was taken to the hospital, where he underwent two operations.

According to the annual report of Reporters Without Borders, five journalists were murdered in Brazil in 2013, making the country one of the most dangerous for reporters in the Americas.

Last month, two gunmen shot to death journalist Pedro Palma, the owner of Panorama Regional newspaper in Rio de Janeiro state.

Cameraman Santiago Andrade, who is also with Bandeirantes, died after being hit by a flare as he was covering a street demonstration in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

“The escalation of violence against journalists is extremely worrisome and that crime cannot remain unpunished,” the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters said Wednesday in a communique.


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