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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 13, 2011

Tsunami Damage Being Assessed in Latin America, Minor Thus Far

Tsunami Damage Being Assessed in Latin America, Minor Thus Far

Photo: Flooding in Peru after Japanese Tsunami

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The Latin American region is currently assessing the damage Japan’s tsunami has had on the region – thus far early reports are the damage was minimal.

The 9.0 magnitude earth quake in Japan unleashed a tsunami that resulted in enormous devastation in Japan and resulted in numerous tsunami warnings throughout the Latin American region. 

Over 300 coastal buildings in Peru were damaged and flooding was reported there.  Several hundred people in the town of Pisco spent the night inland in the town square.  In Peru they measured the first tsunami wave at 1.5 metres.

Ecuador had declared a state of emergency and ordered evacuations early, right after the Japan tsunami hit there.  Therefore, Ecuador reported no fatalities and ‘minimum damage’.  Though there was some flooding in the Galapagos Island chain.

In Chile evacuations had also been ordered early saving lives said President Sebastian Pinera. 

In Mexico the government of Felipe Calderon reported higher than normal waves but no damage or fatalities. 

Thus far in the Americas the only known death was of an American that was swept away from the coast line while he was taking pictures of the incoming tsunami waves in California.