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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 2, 2014

TRUE or FALSE:  Is Luis Miguel in Serious Condition after Plastic Surgery?

Reportedly Mexican singing legend Luis Miguel is in serious condition in a Los Angeles hospital after developing complications from plastic surgery.

Miguel, also known as ‘El Sol de Mexico’ for his love of a tanned look, apparently underwent liposuction and some facial rejuvenation procedures at a Beverly Hills clinic.  It was after those procedures that Miguel developed complications requiring him to be admitted to Cedars Sinai. 

Some Spanish-language media is reporting the singer developed a bacterial infection from the procedures that has now affected some of his internal organs including his lungs. 

Other reports are saying the 43-year-old singer’s dire state is a rumor.  A rumor that is actually four-years old started in 2010 when he was allegedly hospitalized for a lung infection caused by plastic surgery. 

The singer has not been seen as much publicly after his ‘Hits Tour’ finished in December of last year in Cancun, Mexico.  This absence could be why rumors are flying or in fact he has taken ill.

His millions of fans are waiting an official statement of denial from the singer. 


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