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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 19, 2011

Troubled Juarez Set to Spend $498M on Public Works Projects

Troubled Juarez Set to Spend $498M on Public Works Projects

Photo: Ciudad Juarez Upgrading

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The Mexican government at a city, state and federal level is investing heavily in the beleaguered border city of Juarez and has just announced $498.4 million in funding for pubic works projects.

The funds are being given in a effort to improve the city’s economy and employment outlook all with the hope that this will help the violence diminish.  Some of the public works projects, which include a new convention center, infrastructure upgrading and a new rail bypass, are starting later this year and the rest in 2012.

The most recent Mexican census puts the city’s population at 1.3 million with over 3,000 killings in 2010 and currently averages eight homicides per day.

The city sits right across the border from El Paso, Texas.