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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 6, 2010

Trapped Miners May be Rescued This Weekend

33 Chilean Miners trapped underground since August 5 may see daylight as early as this weekend. Of the three efforts underway to reach the miners, plan B is advancing at more than 100 feet a day and could reach them miners very soon.

Debate is underway if the rescue effort should reconsider the insertion of the steel casing to reinforce the sides of the shaft as this will likely take an additional week.

The miners are scheduled to be raised in a steel capsule that will be tied to a winch. Each man will be in the capsule for a little more than ½ hour for the ride up to the surface.

It is expected that each man will spend at least two days in the Copiapo hospital for tests. Some men have lost as many as 20 pounds and all are expected to be suffering from Vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight. The government has promised jobs for the trapped miners as well as the nearly 300 other workers for the now closed San Jose Mine.